Get To Know Us

Zelen Design

The design vision is to create interesting, one of a kind pieces for
people who appreciate quality and uniqueness. Distinctive pieces of
useable art, the antithesis of today’s mass production throw away

The mission at Zelen is simple, we believe in new beginnings. Inspired by the past while adding a modern-twist incorporating materials that are natural, organic and true.

The designs are bold, contemporary, innovative, and inspired by the materials themselves. As with all of our pieces, we strive to keep the designs clean and uncluttered. This is achieved by editing rather than adding or hiding its natural beauty.

Born in Toronto and brought up in a strict Croatian family where “Mama” set the rules!

I’ve always had a deep respect for architecture, music and anything visual.

Originally I studied music but I found myself gradually moving towards the applied arts. Surprisingly, I found a natural connection between the two disciplines in a sense that they both required a lot of patience.

When designing I often think of music composition because you might start off with the notes ,melody or timing but sometimes you have to wait for it to lead you down a path until it decides to reveal its true form.

Life and work are closely intertwined but when I’m not in the “shop”, I enjoy hiking, cycling, traveling and spending time with my friends, family and the woman of my dreams !